It's Time to Look at Digital Imaging Equipment in a Whole New Way!

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Refurbished Imaging Equipment Guide for Amerinet Members
Refurbished Imaging Guide

The Guide helps answer these questions:
  1. Why Refurbished Imaging Equipment?
  2. What Makes a Quality Refurbishment Process?
  3. How Much Money Can Choosing Refurbished Save?
  4. What Are My Next Steps?
Bring clarity to medical imaging equipment refurbishing
One of the best ways to understand the value of refurbished imaging equipment is to understand a quality refurbishment process:
  • Decontamination
  • Refinishing
  • Staging
  • Testing and Calibration
Name Brands – Same Warranties – Better Support
Block Imaging is Amerinet’s contracted supplier of refurbished medical imaging equipment, parts and service for all modalities and manufacturers.
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